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Coming up on November 21, 2018, the Metis Women’s Circle will host Baskets & Berries: Aboriginal Contributions to Aldershot Farm Economy East Plains United Church, Burlington – Campbell Room.

The Metis Women’s Circle hosted a special two-part event Music Makers: The Power of Indigenous Music in the fall of 2018.

History & Research

The History of the Métis Women’s Circle includes research projects which deal with those social issues impacting Aboriginal women in particular… We also include information on our Elder Elize Hartley, who celebrated her 90th birthday in 2014, here…

Horse Spirit Program

As Aboriginal people, we believe that horse is a gift from that “great mystery.” Cherished companion, emotional mirror, and willing partner; we believe such a being is central in building trust between youth and mentors. Read more…

Métis Market

Beautiful, original work by Métis women from southern Ontario including handcrafts, stained glass, paintings and hand worked graduation stoles plus writings such as essays, books and more…

The Grade 5/6 classes are studying “They Come from the Mountains”.  See our online book to hear the Michif language spoken.

In The News

Webinar on Historical Trauma
April 21, 2017 at 10AM (PST)


Dr. Patricia Makokis, University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension



The Métis Women’s Circle is a dynamic group of women who share Aboriginal heritage and honour our traditional teachings. We work to build community among urban Aboriginal women and their families both locally and nationally.

Online Books

Métis Women’s Circle launches flipbook for ‘They Come From the Mountains‘ including audio Michif translations by Métis Elder Norman Fleury. Two books are currently available to enjoy online. See search bar on Market Page.


The Métis Auction will continue to offer new items as they become available, if you would like to be receive new item notification, please contact us and we’ll be happy to let you know!