They Come From The Mountains

Why The Michif Love Horses

“Jeremy grew very fond of the old man and the horse and learned so much from both of them. He quickly learned that a horse is a very curious and social being. He learned that if approached with haste and anger, Horse would mirror these emotions and respond in the same way.
“Horse always knew if Jeremy was in a bad mood. But, if approached with patience and kindness, Horse did his best to show respect, although cautiously at first, with a flick of his tail and a shake of his head.
“And, he learned that the old man had led a very full and interesting life and was generous and caring in sharing his teachings. Now he had something the other kids at school did not.

Michif Translations by Norman Fleury. Story concept by Lynn Nicholson and Carole Leclair. Paintings by Jocelyn Antone.

With appreciation for funding from the Government of Canada Aboriginal Languages Initiative Program

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