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Grandmother Wise One

Mamère Oni Bavaakaa (Grandmother Wise One)
by Elder Elize Hartley

This is a Métis story told through the life of Mamere Beausoleil, a medicine woman, a midwife and a storyteller. Like many Aboriginal stories, it is a story about history, life and how to live in balance with one another, the earth and all living creatures.

Author Elize Hartley is a mother to six daughters, eleven grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. Born in Manitoba, she was raised in a small village where the principles of the medicine wheel were instilled at an early age. As an adult, Elize worked in the field of education. She later formed the Métis Women’s Circle as a safe place for women to explore together their Aboriginal roots and traditions.

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Joe’s Story: Calling Home the Spirits

A tribute to war veteran Joseph Clement

In 2005, the Year of the Veteran, Calling Home Ceremonies were carried out in France and Belgium. Aboriginal spiritual leaders and pipe carriers from across Canada conducted their ceremonies in the custom and traditions of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people to bring closure, to put the spirits of fall warriors to rest and return them to their homelands to be with their ancestors.

As a member of a Métis organization, Joseph Clement was invited by Veterans Affairs Canada to participate with First Nations and Inuit veterans on this journey.

With appreciation for funding from New Horizons for Seniors.

This book is currently available.

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