Membership Information

The Métis Women’s Circle comprises a dynamic group of women who share Aboriginal heritage and honour their traditional teachings. We work to build community amongst urbanized Aboriginal women and their families locally and nationally. Our research projects are far ranging and deal with those social issues impacting Aboriginal women in particular.

Native and Non-Native women are welcome to join the Métis Women’s Circle through our four levels of membership. See below for more details. Membership is renewed annually.

Membership Fees

  • Full Membership – $20/yr
  • Associate Membership – $10/yr
  • Individual Membership – $5/yr
  • Elders (free)

Membership Classifications

  1. Aboriginal means Indians, non-status Indians, Métis or Inuit persons as defined in Section 35 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Constitution Act 1982)
  2. Associate Membership means any non-Aboriginal person, organization or corporation that is organized for the purpose of addressing women’s issues. Associate members are non voting members.
  3. Full membership means members who are the applicants for incorporation of the Metis Women’s Circle and those persons who subsequently have become members and have not ceased to become members.
  4. Individual membership means any Aboriginal person may apply for membership and on acceptance by the Metis Women’s Circle Counsel, shall be a member.
  5. Elders membership means anyone appointed as such by the Metis Women’s Circle Council.