Horse Spirit Program

Program Overview

As Aboriginal people, we believe that horse is a gift from that “great mystery.” Cherished companion, emotional mirror, and willing partner; we believe such a being is central in building trust between youth and mentors. We look to the horse nation to guide us in our work – to teach how Aboriginal cultures worked and still work with horse spirit.

For each of our organizers and teachers, horses hold personal and historical meaning. We know old stories of how horses came to walk with us. Our stories include visions and long journeys, mountains and mystical beings. It is this knowledge and experience we share with students; a program combining Indigenous history, spirituality, land based teachings with leading edge research.

This very successful program indigenizes education and offers practicality for students. We introduce youth to living creatures who will not judge them, but teach them experientially – each student gaining something different and personally meaningful from their experience.

Under the guidance of Anishinaabe and Cree Elders, while praying for a horse dance song of their very own, students drummed and sang, feasted and showed thanks for all they had been gifted by Creator, their community and the horses who taught them.