Circle History

What sets us apart from any other women’s group? We are Aboriginal women who have to create positive meanings around the terms of identity that we have inherited from both our parent groups. Métis oral tradition teaches us that we are never entirely “other,” that our social and spiritual identities have always overlapped with those of our tribal relatives, other entities and our European relations in shifting patterns of creative necessity. Métis who remember bush ways remain connected with our first teacher, the land. In this way, we enact an Aboriginal ecology which adapts to, rather than assimilates, the larger common culture.
Excerpt from “From the Stories that Women Tell: The Métis Women’s Circle” Carole Leclair, Lynn Nicholson and Elize Hartley, in Anderson, Kim and Bonita Lawrence, eds. Strong Women Stories: Native Vision and Community Survival. Sumach Press, Toronto, 2003.


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  • The Huppe Family Circa 1930
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