Elder Elize Hartley

Elize Harley – Elder in Residence

Elize Hartley Listening Fox Woman

Elize HartleyThe Elder, Elize Hartley, is in regular weekly attendance at schools on specific days each week and at all special events. The Elder answers students’ questions, gives guidance, and acts in the role of spiritual advisor to students. Students are encouraged to speak with the Elder on any issues or concerns dealing with their school experience. The Elder also leads students in prayer and smudging ceremonies. Comments from students indicate that they make a special effort to attend school on days when Elders are present and find them to be comforting. Topics such as traditional medicines and kokum stories are shared.
Our song to honour Listening Fox Woman
Gzhe manidoo biindigen
Gzhe manidoo nga-noonaa
Gzhe manidoo na kwe taan
Eyaa Eyaa Eyaa

Great Spirit come in
Great Spirit I speak
Great Spirit answers me



Elize Hartley SpeechElize Hartley Recipient 2014 Vern Harper Award

The CAMH’s (Center for Addiction and Mental Health) National Aboriginal Day Celebration included the presentation of the Chapin A’sin Elder Vern Harper Award for Excellence in the Provision of Culturally-Based Practice.

This year’s winner was Elize Hartley, Elder-in-Residence with McMaster University in Hamilton.

“Our youth need identification. I found that when I went into the high schools and presented the aboriginal ways and ceremonies and talked about ceremonies, talked about tradition, talked about nation, those people, those young people got an identity,” said Hartley.

“When we started a few years ago talking and bringing the cultures they said, ‘I don’t know who I am’. And I said, ‘we’ll find out’, so we did. They just seemed to bloom.”



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