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2018 Past Events

Music Makers Flyer ImageMusic Makers – The Power of Indigenous Music

Funded by New Horizons For Seniors, this two-part event was held in the fall of 2018 and celebrated Indigenous music which is by its nature participatory; it lends itself to socialization.
Songs come from the natural world and from dreams, often expressing a deep appreciation for life and sustenance.

Rhythms & Rattles: A look at Indigenous Music

This concert at The Gathering Place by the Grand (Oshweken – Six Nations in Ontario) in October featured the performers Rene Meshake, Jani Lauzon and Sadie Buck (Storyweaver). The audience was invited to a meet and greet after the concert to speak with the performers. Refreshments were served.

Shaking The Rattle: Traditions and Rattle Making

Over the course of two days, Rattle Maker Adam Skye lead participants in a Rattle Circle of Rythmic Song. A buffet lunch was served. This event was held at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario in November.

Anishnaabe Bingo for all seasons – huge success!

A 16 week language program offered through the game of Bingo.  We used words and activities associated with each of the four seasons interpreted into the Oji-Cree language.  What fun learning together!!  A family event, participants of all ages enjoyed Monday evenings together at the Aboriginal Health Centre in Hamilton and won great prizes for their efforts.  Here are examples of the Bingo cards.

Our Elder Honoured

Elize Hartley was honoured in July by the Hamilton Legal Clinic for her work serving on the Board of Directors.  The Blanket Dance took place at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Aboriginal Contributions to Aldershot Farm Economy
Meet & Greet

On November 21 of 2018 the Métis Women’s Circle hosted a public reading at East Plains United Church in Burlington, Ontario.

The story told was of a 1947 era Aldershot Farm woman by award-winning storyteller and musician Pauline Grondin, as she reminisced about life on the farm with an emphasis on the Native farm workers of the day.

Baskets and Berries