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2008 Past Events

train photoPhotography From An Aboriginal Perspective

Photo contests were sponsored for students at both Sr John A MacDonald and Parkview High Schools, themed “Urban Aboriginal Styles” and “Aboriginality in the City”. Contest winners were presented with a camera, gift cards, and an honour song.


Yonaktiyo – Aboriginal Homeless

yonaktiyo logoYonaktiyo translates to “A good place to build a lodge”. The Métis Women’s Circle addressed issues of Aboriginal Homelessness in Halton Region, providing resources to social service agencies in Halton for Aboriginal clients to raise awareness about their own aboriginal population in Halton.

Out of this came the significance of the contribution to Halton’s economy historically by Aboriginal Farm Workers.
For Aboriginal As a part of the Aboriginal Homeless Project, the Metis Women’s Circle offered the following:

March is Aboriginal Language Month in Canada

In developing language curriculum, Cree scholars explain concepts contained in indigenous languages which relate directly to the land and are not as easily apparent in English definitions.

March signifies a new beginning and a time when Indigenous people celebrate survival and prepare for new beginnings. April Moon, is a time when women have prominent roles in ceremony, it signifies the thawing of Mother Earth, of birth and new life. Each moon cycle is significant to Indigenous life. (Mary Sasakamoose and Irvin Waskewitch from 2008 Indigenous Perspectives on Language Teaching and Learning, A Summary Document to Support Indigenous Language Instruction and Cultural Programming in Saskatchewan).


Full Moon Ceremony For Youth

The Métis Women’s Circle organized several full moon ceremonies for inner city women to receive a traditional teaching from knowledgeable elders.


Grant Writing Workshop

As a benefit for members of our circle, the Metis women organized a one day workshop with government agencies to demonstrate proposal writing strategies.