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My Wellness Journal For Aboriginal Youth

Based on the teachings of the 4 directions – Medicine Wheel teachings are among the oldest teachings of First Nations people. The teachings found on the Medicine Wheel create a holistic foundation for human behaviour and interaction; the teachings are about walking the earth in a peaceful and good way; they assist in helping to seek: healthy minds (East); strong inner spirits (South); inner peace (West); strong, healthy bodies (North).

A Medicine Wheel can best be described as a mirror within which everything about the human condition is reflected back. It requires courage to look into the mirror and really see what is being reflected back about an individual’s life.

The term “medicine” is used within the context of inner spiritual energy and healing. The Medicine Wheel and its sacred teachings assist individuals along the path towards mental, spiritual, emotional and physical enlightenment.


Young Voices ImageYoung Voices They Tell Us

The Métis Women’s Circle worked with inner city Aboriginal High School students to (re-)introduce cultural and spiritual teachings.