Baskets & Berries

Aboriginal Contributions to Aldershot’s Agricultural History

Betty’s Story…
“June this year had been an exceptionally hot one“ good for growing local strawberries. At every opportunity, Betty was glad to escape the back-breaking work in the field to take a walk up the winding road towards the escarpment not too far from the farm.
“The trail had long been paved over, but she was mindful that this was the route travelled by her ancestors for centuries. Her father told her that it was the way to reach the villages and encampments at Lake Medad and Tinawatawa. Betty pondered this history…”

All ‘Betty’ Drawings by Jocelyn Antone.

With appreciation for funding from New Horizon’s for Seniors.

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Baskets & Berries

2015 welcomes a new program – Baskets and Berries, honouring the contribution of Aboriginal Agricultural Workers.

TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015
BASKETS & BERRIES: Aboriginal Contributions to Aldershot Farm Economy

This is the story of a 1947 era Aldershot farm woman as told by professional storyteller Pauline Grondin, as she reminisces about life on the farm with an emphasis on the Native farm workers of the day.

The stories of these workers are seldom told and not generally recorded in the pages of history, yet their roles were vital to Canadian farms including those in Aldershot.

baskets & berries logoThe lives of Native farm workers, their families and their contributions will be brought to light in these reminiscences.
The Métis Women’s Circle invites you to join us for this evening of information, refreshments and sharing with Storyteller PAULINE GRONDIN Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 7:00 pm in The Holland Room (Main Level) of BURLINGTON CENTRAL LIBRARY, 2331 New Street, Burlington. This event is Open to Pubic and No Charge. For more information contact:

Our storyteller Pauline Grondin is an award winning storyteller, musician, and an 1812 reenactor who has been telling stories and making music all her life. Audiences of all ages in Canada and Great Britain have enjoyed her presentations. A selection of Pauline’s stories are featured on Route 1812 created for the bicentennial of the War of 1812.  Look for more of her work at

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