Awn Rond: Métis Elders’ Stories

Edited by Carole Leclair

“Métis, Métisses, bois-brûlée, hivernant, half-breed, mixed blood, road allowance people, mongrel, mutt, watered-down Indian, forgotten people, wanna-be, “nebulous, like a cloud,” a food in two canoes, a citizen of the Métis Nation, gens libres, “I honor the blood of my mothers and fathers,” flower beadwork people, daughter of the country, Métis written with an accent, Métis without an accent, big “M” Métis, little “m” Métis…

“This little collection got its start when our elders began to imagine, to dream and believe that our informal human experiences would interest others. We put a small team together and set out to gather some life stores of Métis elders in Ontario. Our stories are precious to our communities; our elders know this, and they remind us that we are losing unique and irrep;aceable knowledge as each elder goes on ahead to the spirit world. This is why records of their thinking remain so important to us. Sadly, our team leader Don cadeau lost his battle with cancer before this collection was finished. Although he is no longer living, his vision and energy continue to inspire our communities.

Metis Elders' Stories Book Cover

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