2010: Urban Thunderbirds

Horse Spirit Logo 2010Urban Thunderbirds – Equine Assisted Learning

“In Western Cree and other First Nations cultures, the horse is revered as part of the circle of creation… It possesses an intrinsic spiritual value.” Our newest venture is the introduction of equine assisted learning to the Aboriginal students. Through a certified Aboriginal trainer in EAL, students worked with horses toward achievement in: Self Reflection, Goal Setting and Maintaining, Boundary Setting and Maintaining, Communication and Relationships. This learning style allowed students to acquire land-based teachings. A program of this nature is very important to young Aboriginal men. Elders worked with the youth to demonstrate “rites of passage” and explain traditional and contemporary roles and responsibilities of men.

Our Horse Social – Finale of The Equine Assisted Learning Program

To cap off the Equine Assisted Learning Program, we offered an an evening of fun and information for Nyaweh students and their family & friends, included showing the results of Equine Assisted Learning workshops presented by Aboriginal students, “The Unity Ride”, a spiritual journey for Aboriginal youth presented by Bonnie Freeman, EAL instructor, Aboriginal Social Work, McMaster University, a traditional giveaway and a thank you to the horses.